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The Philips Songbird multimedia software, which is used for transferring and organizing files on the Go Gear, is used to update the firmware.

If it's not installed yet, download and install the Sansa Firmware Updater.

Assuming there's a new firmware available, the following message will appear on your lower right task bar.

Are you able to connect the player to your PC and remove the firmware file from the player? I am already considering to send the player back to where I bought it and claim a new one.

Or is there any possibility I can send it to a local Samsung support center or something to get it repaired?

I also discovered that shortly before it turns off it says "Upgrade failed".

I repeated this many times, always the same result.Hello, I'm trying to update my Go Gear Vi BE's firmware (SA3VBE08K/97) through Songbird v2.5.6 Build: 5.6.2119, but I will always receive an error message as soon as it tries to begin the update process. I met with the same problem, but not just one type. "Documents and Settings / Local Settings / Application Firmware Data/Philips-Songbird/Profiles/jqsow0bg.default/firmware_cache/v2/Philips DLL Cache is empty" MY Gogear Vibe SA4VBE08KF/97 given problem updating links ...I'm attaching the window that appear's with the error. Disconnected and connected the device again, but nothing, always the same. I do not think user error, a mistake I think a central server. not now nor when I press reset, it's a tone when you reconnect via usb but does not recognize to open the root of the player, try to recover by PHILIPS SONGBIRD and he's a msg error recovery and not what I do? Carlos Eduardo de Abreu , is already connected to a Philips account. Take the battery out, press and hold forward/pause and plug into usb port. Computer should recognize new hardware which is something like ''recovery''. When complete, run installation of new firmware again ie ''YP-MT6 updater''. i Phone 8: Everything we know so far This is all the i Phone 8 reports and rumors in one place. I recommend sticking with 2.121 which has the OGG truncation bug corrected.I can't use it now anymore What can I do to recover the original firmware and get the player in a useable state?


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