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A hard-wired smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) alarm is wired to a 120V household electrical circuit and is connected to other detectors throughout your home.

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But a new system has just been launched that will make the process a lot simpler and cheaper.

Easichange provides householders with a special unit that can be fitted to the existing system.

Position the tabs of the smoke detector into the ring and rotate to lock the detector into the ring.

Identifying Smoke Detectors for Replacement Removing the Malfunctioning unit Installing the New Detector Community Q&A Functioning smoke detectors are extremely important in maintaining the safety of your home.

Place the caps back onto the house wires to keep them handy. Remove the screws securing the mounting plate to the ceiling junction box with a Phillips-head screwdriver, if using a different brand of smoke detector.

Find the battery cover on the smoke detector, and remove or open the battery cover. Install the new smoke detector mounting ring to the junction box, securing the ring with the mounting screws. The quick connect will have two or three short wires attaching to a small connector.When you disconnect the power to the circuit breaker, the battery power takes over.The detector begins to chirp to let your know the power is not on. It is a good idea to replace the smoke detector with the same brand.It is believed that many people living in new build houses are relying upon smoke alarms which could be in effect many years overdue for replacement.These properties will be registered as having alarms fitted so will not necessarily be targeted areas for home fire safety checks, meaning that the percentage of homes with working smoke alarms could well be going down.If a fire occurs you may have to get out in the dark and difficult conditions.

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