Watch share3 el haram online 18 sal ke sakse move beeg

Latest modern movies I want to buy a selection of DVD's to take home with me to watch when I remember Egypt and to help keep the Egyptian Arabic Language in my mind!

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nemer el awwad is good i don't know how i forgot it.

el erhab wel kbab i did not like it it is funny in a silly way if you understand what i mean.

When i do i will post Adel Imam, el ba7th 3an fade7a, e7na beto3 el autobees, El nemr wal ontha, El Mashbooh, el erhaby, el erhab wel kabab,el molid, bekheet we adila, 70b fil zenzana, khally balak min 3a2lak,karakon fil share3, Yacoubian building Soad Hosney, Saghira 3al hob, khally balak min zozo, esha3et hob, el zoga el tanya Abdel Halim,al khataya, Ma3bodet el gamaheer, la7n el wafa2, ma3id gharam Ahmed Zaki: El 7ob fawq hadabat el haramzawgat ragol mohema7lam hin we kamiliael bare2al horoob Ayam el sadatnasser 567aleem I'm not helping, I know Originally posted by sara_uk: sleeplessiam really bad with names but i think i have seen most of Arabic movies which around old and new.

Edgware road is the place but they are a rip off, better buy them from Egypt they will be cheaper BUT from good source last holiday i bought 10 DVD from Cairo only 3 were in good condition, it was cheap but useless.

Now for movie1Imam in my view i don't like his movies as much as theatre best one ( shahed mashefesh haja) it is old but very funny (medresat em mashakbeen)Ahmed zaki is with him here also ( el wasd sayed el shaqal) i watched body guard on theatre last year in Cairo it was not good, the same old stuff, i think he is boring now but his old work still make me laugh.2.

When i do i will post Alhamdulillah the ones I have bought so far have been good condition.

فيلم شارع الهرممشاهدة فيلم شارع الهرمفيلم شارع الهرم فيديو اون لاينفيلم شارع الهرم فيديو يوتيوب اون لاينفيلم شارع الهرم مشاهد مباشرة بدون تحميلشاهد فيلم شارع الهرم فيلم شارع الهرم شاهد نت فيلم شارع الهرم كامل بدون اجزاء اون ?

watch egyption music comedy film Share’ El Haram 2011 online مشاهده فيلم شارع الهرم للنجمه دينا فيلم 2011 اون لاين و النجم سعد الصغير The film revolves around a dancer turns dancing in the troupe of folk art to belly dancing in a Theme Pyramid Street, then wrestle the three men, the first is by her husband the officer, who married her customary after loved him but hit him are divorce, are imprisoned and when he comes out thinking Go to it, and the second is nicknamed the Minister of the apse and works in Haram Street, and the third runs a drummer helped her to shift from folk art to belly dancing, but in the end decided not to link any of them entirely and leave the dance and open a restaurant In view of the dramatic lines in the film “Pyramid Street” and the performance of actors and dramatic depth to the characters and directorial vision that we can come up with one result, which is that the second one .. Today sing “we are in Haram Street,” and the extent of the difference there lack of difference in everything between the two films, “forgive me, O Lord, and I’m saying them two films” .. take advantage of the extraordinary audience at the feast!

تعمل عزيزة وزوجها عبد الله ضمن عمال التراحيل يصاب الزوج بالمرض الذي يقعده عن العمل، يشتاق الزوج ذات يوم إلى البطاطا فتذهب عزيزة لتقتلعها من الأرض، يفاجئها أحد شباب القرية فيعتدي عليها وتحمل وتنجح في إخفاء حملها عن الأعين، فمعروف أن علاقتها الزوجية معدومة بسبب مرض زوجها، وعندما تلد مولودها تخاف أن يفضحها صراخه فتقتله دون وعي وهي تحاول أن تسكته، تعود إلى العمل متحملة آلام جسدها ولكنها تصاب بحمى النفاث وتموت.

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