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Terre des Hommes programme ensures awareness raising and community education on the topic of child trafficking and migration.

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The wide spread poverty drives children to work as street vendors, helpers, and farm workers.

The worst forms of child labour are children working underwater, at dangerous heights, in unhealthy environment, for long hours and even during the night, as well as exposing them to physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Most of these children originate from poverty-stricken areas such as Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao as well as children from urbanized cities.

In cross-border trafficking, children, women and men are brought to Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Hong Kong, Brunei, and Thailand to work in bars, brothers, factories, plantations and as domestic servants.

We work on prevention of sexual abuse of children in travel and tourism and online sexual exploitation through awareness raising and campaigning, Sweetie, our Filipino girl avatar, being an example of that.

We provide temporary safe shelter, legal assistance, counseling, health care, education and reintegration services to victims of sexual exploitation.

We work closely together with the government to enhance law enforcement on the national and regional level.

With this programme we cover the islands of Cebu, Boracay and Bohol in Western and Central Visayas.

We actively investigate traveling child sex offenders and work in close cooperation and coordination with the local police to arrest these perpetrators.

We also conduct (online) campaigns for the adoption of child protection policies in travel and tourism.

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