What is an accomodating female

The term ‘intimate terrorism’ was coined in the 1990s when US sociologist Michael P Johnson used it to define an extreme form of controlling relationship behaviour involving threats, intimidation and violence.He said men were almost always responsible, and the phrase gained notoriety when TV cook Nigella Lawson claimed that she had been subjected to acts of ‘intimate terrorism’ by her ex-husband, Charles Saatchi.

‘A contributing factor could be that in the past women have talked about it more,’ she said.

‘The feminist movement made violence towards women something we talk about.

The smaller community-based custodial units will provide accommodation as women serve out their sentence, with access to intensive support to help overcome issues such as alcohol, drugs, mental health and domestic abuse trauma which evidence shows can often be a driver of offending behaviour.

The units will be located in areas close to the communities of female offenders so that family contact can be maintained.

Sacro supports the use of credible alternatives to imprisonment for women, many of whom present with multiple and complex issues.

The strong focus on recovery, improved partnership working and the investment in community-based services offer an encouraging way forward.”Martin Cawley, Chief Executive for Turning Point Scotland said:“We are delighted to welcome the Justice Secretary to Turning Point Scotland 218 today.“Any plan to focus on the underlying issues of offending is to be welcomed.“Community based alternatives to custody, like our 218 service, support women to make positive long lasting change in their lives.

“What is important is doing the right thing for Scotland and our communities, based firmly on the evidence of what works in reducing reoffending.

That is what we are implementing here.“Simply locking women up in a large facility doesn’t work.

Study leader Dr Elizabeth Bates said: ‘The stereotypical popular view is still one of dominant control by men.

That does occur but research over the last ten to 15 years has highlighted the fact that women are controlling and aggressive in relationships too.’She said scientists may have to think again about the reasons for male violence against women, which previous studies said arose from ‘patriarchal values’ in which men are motivated to seek to control women’s behaviour, using violence if necessary.

The research revealed a strong link between the breadth of a man’s face compared to its height - known as f WHR - and how dominant he was considered by himself and others.

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