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For starters, he’s prepping the releases of his EP XXLMag.com: Earlier this summer a video hit the net with yourself, Peedi Crakk and Tony Sunshine throwing around the possibility of creating a group together. I got an English album that’s almost done already that’s going to be called . I don’t want to give a date and then it doesn’t come out. I dropped the Chaingang Bully mixtape–that’s online.What are the prospects of that actually materializing? I think it’s just a matter of time, but it’s nothing concrete yet. Me and Tony’s project…we were going to call that , but when Peedi got added to the equation, we had to rethink things. That’s the mixtape to get everybody familiar with me, just in case the young boys don’t know.The prices are thousands more then the actually gold value , anyone know a site that has good prices online ?

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Cuban Link: It’s definitely something that we’re looking forward to in the future. Me and Tony–our relationship had been a little off since all that Terror Squad thing about 10 years ago and we just recently, maybe a year ago, got back together on some, Let’s patch things up. It’s definitely something we’re looking forward to in the future. We got two joints that we did because we were hyped up on the team we got together. We did two joints that we got in the stash that came out crazy. It’s interesting because in many ways your stories are similar. Some niggas deserve the treatment they got when they were with certain people.

We got to sit together and think of the big picture. Peedi referred to y’all collectively as the underdogs. Bottom line–the talent was always there and people were expecting for me to come out, Tony, Peedi. Lot of people question that in their head like, Why they never came out?

For a younger generation of hip-hop fans who may not be familiar with Cuban Link, be prepared to be in the know.

The former Terror Squad member has a lot of music planned for his reintroduction to the hip-hop game.

So, we’re similar in struggle and then the beefs we had with our leaders at the time. Regardless of what life throws at us, we still here in y’all faces. How much do you hope that this group really formally materializes? I believe a team working together is way stronger than one dude working together.

Cuban Link was originally part of the Bronx, NY-based latin hip-hop group Terror Squad, led by Fat Joe.

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Cuban Link had also finished an entire album of 24 songs (tentatively called Advertisers are not allowed to run annoying ads on RYM.

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