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However, in episode 34 "The Birthday" when Addie receives a letter from when she was 7 years old the address is listed as "Pinecrest, PA".Addie's older brother Ben (Tadhg Kelly) works at Juice!All the episodes are narrated by Addie, and are told in flashbacks.

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The trio talk things out---Oliver appreciates Miley and Lilly's concern for him, but he explains them that while he can still have sugar, he just has to watch how much of it he eats and he has check his insulin and blood sugar levels regularly.

No Sugar, Sugar was supposed to air on November 2, 2008 and be the finale of season 2, but the episode was pulled due to complaints from parents that it was in poor taste.

To cheer Oliver up, Hannah and Lola take Mike Standley III to meet Traci Van Horn for the first time at her Sweet Sixteen-gala.

To their shock, the party has a candy theme (making it a literal "sweet" 16), and sugary confections are everywhere.

The series is about an "unfabulous" middle school student and teenager named Addie Singer, played by Emma Roberts.

The show, which debuted in fall 2004, was one of the most-watched programs in the United States among children between the age of 10 and 16 Reruns of the show ended on Nickelodeon on June 2008.

The show aired reruns on The N but ended in late 2009.

The show then returned to Teen Nick on October 11, 2011, and lasted until April 2, 2012.

For the majority of the second season, however, Addie is dating Randy Klein (Evan Palmer).

They break up towards the end of the season and Addie realizes that she still likes Jake.

Her best friends are Geena Fabiano (Malese Jow), who is interested in fashion and designs her own clothes, and the environmentally committed school basketball player Zack Carter-Schwartz (Jordan Calloway).


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