Windows control panel not updating settings

These three versions of Windows have very similar Windows Update settings but I'll call out any differences as we walk through the process.Here's a bit more on all of those options you have: Install updates automatically (recommended): Choose this option to have Windows Update automatically check for, download, and install important security patches.

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(Updates for your Windows Store apps are handled in the Store.

Open does not impact security related patches and is not available in Windows 10 Home.

Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them: With this option, Windows Update will check for and notify you of available updates but you'll need to manually approve the download and installation of them.

Never check for updates (not recommended): This option disables Windows Update completely in Windows 8, 7, or Vista.

Choose how updates are delivered: These options allow you to enable or disable the downloading, as well as the uploading, of Windows Update related files around your local network or even the entire internet.

Participating in the program helps speed up the Windows Update process in Windows 10.

Microsoft has classified this as Emerging Issue 67758, and till such a time that a solution is found, has released this troubleshooter, which you can safely use to fix the problem.

Once you have downloaded it, click on the file to run it. Workaround: Create a new local administrator account as follows.

Note: Running the Java Control Panel as administrator is necessary even if you are a user with administrative privilege with User Account Control (UAC) on Windows Vista operating system.

Follow these steps to run Java Control Panel as administrator.

The root cause of this problem is the Policy registry key.

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