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The Fatty Crew – a ragtag bunch turned renowned proprietors of the internationally celebrated Fatty Crab and Fatty ‘Cue restaurants – have become synonymous with the best in Southeast Asian cuisine.

In 2005, Managing Partner Rick Camac opened the company’s original property, Fatty Crab, alongside Chef Zakary Pelaccio.

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Since then, the Fatty Crew restaurants have been named Bib Gourmands by The Michelin Guide, among several other top honors, and opened additional locations in Manhattan’s West Village, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Hong Kong, China and St. They also plan to expand into other categories including wine, cookbooks, chocolate and more.

Currently, Fatty Crew Hospitality Group is amidst a rapid U. expansion and is positioned to continue its significant growth globally in 2013.

Clearly, the mission is ongoing and the end is nowhere in sight.

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The chefs also mix it up by utilizing western preparation techniques and supporting local New York area farmers whenever possible throughout the process. In addition to providing a variety of services to other brands, these select management and consulting ventures allow the highly skilled executive team to explore personal interests and hand-selected passion projects.

The resulting distinctive style has garnered attention from the likes of Frank Bruni, who acknowledged, “No one is doing this kind of cooking anywhere,” in just one of several glowing reviews. Beyond restaurants, the Fatty Crew has capitalized on its notoriety – and vast, worldwide fan base – by creating a signature barbecue sauce collection that is sold at exclusively at Williams-Sonoma.

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An instant hit, the ‘joint’ not only received massive critical acclaim for the food, but also quickly garnered a loyal cult following for the overall experience, inspiring the duo to grow their offerings by introducing Fatty ‘Cue – an exotic take on traditional smoky southern barbecue.

The Crew’s “Malaysian-inspired” concepts always stay true to traditional flavorings, while incorporating elements from other nearby Southeast Asian fares. Last year, Rick diversified the company’s current collection by establishing Fatty Crew Hospitality Group; offering the Crew’s vast industry expertise to up and coming figures in hospitality who need assistance in operations, finance, management and public relations.

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