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I was both so happy for Melody and Pam and so jealous that I wasn’t pregnant. The women in the family were all on a pretty close cycle. “If everyone comes up pregnant, questions will be asked. We need to come up with a lie for the father of Melody’s child. But you can for Melody or Lee, big brother..” Clint frowned at me. ” “There are 19 states where first cousins can marry legally,” I said. And there are a further 20 states that allow first cousins to cohabitate and have sexual relations.” Clint blinked. “Pam and her mother use a different gynecologist, so the doctors shouldn’t ever learn that Clint has knocked up two separate girls.” “What about at school? “Clint can say he knocked up Pam, but what about Melody? “Everyone needs to get on it.” I blinked, looking up.

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Hiragawa, Pam’s mom, had her a month and a half later. I mean, I can knock up Pam, but Melody…” “I’m your cousin,” she said. “If it’s legal, then there are no problems.” “It’s all legal,” Alicia said, nodding her head.

We can’t have people knowing about the incest.” “Well, you can be the father,” I said, leaning back. ” “Let everyone know,” Melody said, reaching out and taking Clint’s hand.

” I protested as I sat at the dinner table with the rest of the family, Melody and Pam sitting on Clint’s right and left. “I thought like even second cousins was illegal.” “Really,” I nodded and pushed up my glasses. The exam table creaked more, the paper covering it, crinkling and tearing as Melody played with herself. I knew she watched us pleasure her brother, her man, her king.

“I can’t have you all pregnant at once.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alicia Elliston “But…I have to wait, too? We nuzzled at his cock, moaning, Vicky’s hand stroking his dick, mine playing with his balls.

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