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well you played yours you graced our life's and made us smile you will be sadly missed and forever mourned and whenever I watch you on TV now I have a smile your gracing the place called heaven and no more your heart hurts god bless you and keep you safe thanks for all the laughs and smiles you brought to so many lives god bless 36 years ago today the world lost a national treasure :'( !When you were taken to heaven Yootha it broke so many of your fans hearts and there are pieces that still remain with you to this day !You are my all time favourite lady and I'll love and support you for the rest of my life !

Yootha you are the greatest idol anyone could ever wish for you are just 100% perfect in everything you do and just who you are makes you perfect - I hope that one day I can be like you you're my #1 idol and my heroine for life and I am so lucky to have you in my life !

I will never ever forget you Yootha you mean so much to me and all your other very dedicated fans and with us around you will always be loved and remembered for many many years ! She's just the best idol anyone could ever wish for. Beautiful, glamorous, talented and most of all she's simply the greatest ever no words could describe how much she means to me and I will always love her no matter what she's my idol and I will always be here for her no matter what!

However, she was admitted to hospital with liver failure and died with Brian Murphy at her side.

There was a national outpouring of grief at the loss of such a colossal talent and in 2001 friends and colleagues paid tribute in a documentary entitled The Unforgettable Yootha Joyce.

So many years have past but one thing you will NEVER be forgotten only loved and remembered for eternity and beyond You have been my heroine for so long now!

The first time I saw you on George & Mildred I knew then and there i would admire you !When the series ended, producers made the most of their growing popularity by giving them star billing in George and Mildred.The first episode aired in 1976 and began with the couple moving from their working class surroundings to a more middle class residence in Hampton Wick.She will be remembered for playing Milo O’Shea’s girlfriend Miss Argyll in Me Mammy between 19.In 1973 she was cast as Mildred Roper alongside Mr Murphy in Man About The House, which proved so successful the format was sold to America where it was re-made as Three's Company.Yootha Joyce Needham was born into a musical family in South London on August 20, 1927.


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